Housekeeping - Environmental Services Aide

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7am-330pm day shift, Fri and Sat off, full time


Job Summary Overview:

Assist the department in meeting BITN Patient Satisfaction Report Card goals by practicing Exempla�s Service Behaviors and maintaining very high satisfaction levels for patient perception of cleanliness.

Responsible for maintaining floors, walls, hallways, windows, furniture, patient rooms, offices, rest rooms and other similar areas of the hospital in a clean and satisfactory manner, using the appropriate cleaning chemicals and equipment. Cleaning and disinfecting rooms as assigned. Maintain assigned work area and equipment in a clean and working condition. Environmental Services Aides, Technicians, Supervisors, Manager and Director are authorized to access secure clean utility rooms when necessary to perform their assigned daily cleaning requirements. Operating equipment and handling cleaning chemicals in a safe and orderly manner.

Primary Job Duties

  • Assist the department in meeting BITN Patient Satisfaction Report Card goals by practicing Exempla�s Service Behaviors and maintaining �very satisfied� levels for patient perception of cleanliness.

  • Strip the patient bedding and remake bed with clean linen.

  • Dust patient rooms, using the correct dusting equipment.

  • Empty all trash

  • Disinfect patient rooms and bathrooms using the appropriate cleaning chemicals.

  • Clean meeting rooms, offices, hallways, rest rooms, and other areas of the hospital using the proper cleaning chemicals and equipment.

  • Dust mop patient rooms using the dust mopping equipment.

  • Mop patient room floors and vacuum carpet where applicable.

  • Wash patient beds and mattresses.

  • Inspect each patient room, meeting room, office, rest room, and other area of the hospital after cleaning to ensure area is clean and sanitary.

  • Respond to STAT discharges in 5 min. or less.

  • Complete area work assignment in a timely manner during your work shift.

  • Turn in completed Daily worksheet at end of shift.

  • Respond to pages in a timely manner.

  • Use cleaning equipment as instructed.

  • Report any equipment malfunctions to your manager/supervisor.

  • Use cleaning chemicals as instructed using appropriate PPE

  • Report any chemical spills to your manager/supervisor.

  • Clean spills as instructed using the proper safety precautions.

  • Dispose of trash, soiled linen and infectious waste using the proper color trash bags.

  • Distribute clean linen on patient floors, as requested.

  • Maintain utility and storage rooms in clean and orderly condition.

  • Wear protective personal equipment (PPE) and follow safety procedures in designated work areas as required by the department hazard assessment.

  • Maintain hand hygiene policy

    The attached Job Description details the essential functions of your position. The list below is also considered to be essential functions of your position and all employees

    within Exempla Healthcare are expected to meet the following in their day-to-day work:

  1. Be available to work as scheduled and report to work on time
  2. Be available to work overtime if needed
  3. Be willing to accept supervision and work well with others
  4. Be respectful of all with whom you interact and follow the Exempla Service Behaviors
  5. Be well groomed and dressed appropriately for your role
  6. Be in compliance with the drug and alcohol policy as stated in the Employee Handbook
  7. Be sufficiently rested to perform your duties throughout the period assigned
  8. Demonstrate a willingness to learn
  9. Be able to communicate clearly, think clearly, and concentrate on assigned tasks

Education/ Experience


Previous environmental services experience preferred.

High school diploma or equivalent.



Ability to understand verbal & written instructions in English for essential job functions.


Flexible work hours including weekend work.

Material And Equipment Involved

  • Vacuum cleaner.

  • Using cleaning solutions/disinfectants

  • High speed buffers.

  • Shampooers.

  • Mops and other small cleaning tools

    Work Environment / Physical Activities

    Material and Equipment Involved:

    Various cleaning solutions, dust mops for sweeping floors, wet mops for mopping tiled floors, vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets, cleaning carts for transporting soiled linens, high speed buffers to maintain tile floors and shampooers to maintain carpeted areas clean. Other small cleaning tools.

    Hazardous Exposure Category

    I. Involves an inherent potential for mucous membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids or tissues, or a potential for spills or splashes of them. (Use of appropriate protective measures is required for every employee engaged in Category I tasks).

    II. Involves an inherent potential skin contact with cleaning chemicals or a potential for spills or splashes of them.

    Lifting Requirements

    Heavy work. Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25-50 pounds of force frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. Physical demand requirements are in excess of those for medium work.

Organization: Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lafayette, CO
Primary Location: CO-Denver/Boulder/Surrounding Areas-Lafayette
Department: GSMC-GSM-Environmental Services
Schedule: Full-time
Shift: Day Shift
FTE: 1.0
Job Number: 18001063
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